The Gypsy ~ Exotic River Cruises

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This Episode of The Gypsy takes us Cruising down Exotic Rivers around the World. World traveler, author & former international power consultant Robert Hodam gives us the insights around planning for  cruises from the Mekong to the Irrawaddy. He depicts his experiences of cruising north of Mandalay on the most scenic parts of the Irrawaddy river of Burma, past traditional riverside villages, teak forests, lavish shrines, and a host of bird and animal life.

His stories of this leisurely way to voyage will make you want to pack your bags, If you can cover the hefty fare…..

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Travel Tips  – Gear , Maps, History, Reading, videos ect….


Avalon WaterwaysMr. Hodam’s Choice of Riverboat Cruise Lineroom_main

Explore the best of Myanmar, known as “The Golden Land,” on this captivating journey along the Irrawaddy River. Start in Yangon, formerly Rangoon, with a walking tour of the city’s highlights and a visit to stunning Shwedagon Pagoda – considered by many to be the oldest pagoda in the world. Explore some of the most important temples and watch the sunset over the plains of Bagan, one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites. 


Lonely Planets Guide to Burma

Accurate information on conflicts and closed areas can be difficult to come by. Check your government’s advice prior to travel, and ask about the situation once you are in Myanmar. Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree travel forum is a good source of news from travellers on the ground.


 Books written by Guest Robert Hodam

Robert book 1
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                                                                                          Robert Hodam began life on a subsistence farm in eastern Oklahoma and went on to be an energy consultant to the U.S. Congress, World Bank, United Nations, Standard Oil, Asian Development Bank and other international institutions. He has served as the CEO of several for profit companies as well as one non-profit International Center for Economic Growth a professional association of economic policy institutes in 108 countries.

His Non-fiction series “Living Dangerously” documents his experiences  of political assassinations, military coups, CIA involvement, United Nations subterfuge, encounters with headhunters, escape from Cuban guards, Caribbean smugglers, and survival by the author.

book 2 robert
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     The Ark is a story of an American president and corrupt White House imposing martial law under the ruse of a global epidemic quarantine that inadvertently becomes real when the Russians develop a GMO plague bacterium that falls into the hands of an environmental zealot who uses the president’s ruse to release this GMO. The result is annihilation of all but a handful of humans worldwide.

Robert is a graduate of Stanford University, MS Chemical Engineering; University of Southern California, MBA; and Oklahoma State, BS Engineering. He served as Captain US Army 1969-1972, worked as an oil field roustabout, bartender at Harrah’s club, fry cook at Disneyland and Aerospace engineer at Douglas Aircraft.



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