The Gypsy ~ Exploring Nicaragua

Nicaragua seveThe Gypsy explores the once troubled region of Nicaragua. Musician and surfer Jameson Hodder takes us on his personal journey to uncover the hidden secrets of this tropical paradise: including endless waves, cloud forests, & exquisite landscapes.  The mixture of cultural traditions has generated substantial diversity, this diversity has resulted in unique cuisine, music, & lifestyle. A lot has changed since the signing of teleaccord in 1989.  Peace has returned to Nicaragua, and recently it has experienced an economic boom thus creating a perfect holiday destination for adventure seekers of all ages. .

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surf seve
Nicaragua Surf Report


Nicaragua Surf Report

We generally see the first of the Southern Hemisphere swells in early April.  Swells run consistently through November and we even get infrequent offseason swells from December – April.  Although we are not located in a position to get hit by hurricanes, we are effected by the tropical depressions and hurricanes that tend to form off our coasts during hurricane season.  September/October tend to be the most active around here so those two months can bring some unsettled weather (more often in October).  For this reason October rates are generally more affordable. Those who have rolled the dice and booked October have occasionally scored all around with cheaper accommodation rates and less crowds.

Nicaragua seve
Lonely Planets Guide


Lonely Planet

Affable Nicaragua embraces travelers with offerings of volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, sensational beaches and pristine forests that range from breathtaking to downright incredible.

If You Love Internationally Influenced Music Check  Out: 

Jam seve
Documentary short  Jaimo


Producer, singer­-songwriter, drummer and poet, Jameson Hodder, has released “Sound Waves”, his first solo album.

From an early age, Jameson started listening to the world—from catching a glimpse of the explosion of music and breakdancing on the streets of LA as a 7 ­year ­old while en route to Baja, to changing trains as a nine ­year ­old in Jamaica/Queens and realizing the over­ flowing of art and life in this world, and now traveling around the planet with his surfboard and cajón celebrating the creative spirit of true freedom.

Son of Jimmy Hodder, acclaimed original drummer for Steely Dan, Jameson began developing his musical foundation at an early age. Influenced by all­ night jam sessions in the family living ­room with the musical legends and exposed to multiple styles of music and creative communications, his music bridges the boundaries between impossible and the imaginable. He knows art is formless and exists in each unique moment, so he embraces the firm roots of his foundation while always yielding to the possibilities of the universe.

SoundWaves The Album

jamio seve
Soundwaves Released Oct 30th 2015

The album is finally out and getting positive feed back so far !! I want to Thank Ryan Newman (Groundation) an Chris Stoll for their time writing an recording on “Keep it blazin”, “Change” an “Music”! Respect to G. Davis for the production of the OG Kush rythem for “Highest High”! Thanx to Justin Miller for “Every Drop”!! Thank you to Mat Mcquaid for his production on “Overtime” with Chris Paxton an Chris Stoll!!! Big thank you to Joel Jaffe an Jason Victorine for the production of “This Moment (Amazing)” an “Forever Dream”. Thank you Ian Stinson for the work on “Sound Waves”! A Huge Thank You to Zack Darling for the ridiculously great album art work!!!


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