The Gypsy ~ Exotic River Cruises

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This Episode of The Gypsy takes us Cruising down Exotic Rivers around the World. World traveler, author & former international power consultant Robert Hodam gives us the insights around planning for  cruises from the Mekong to the Irrawaddy. He depicts his experiences of cruising north of Mandalay on the most scenic parts of the Irrawaddy river of Burma, past traditional riverside villages, teak forests, lavish shrines, and a host of bird and animal life.

His stories of this leisurely way to voyage will make you want to pack your bags, If you can cover the hefty fare…..

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Avalon WaterwaysMr. Hodam’s Choice of Riverboat Cruise Lineroom_main

Explore the best of Myanmar, known as “The Golden Land,” on this captivating journey along the Irrawaddy River. Start in Yangon, formerly Rangoon, with a walking tour of the city’s highlights and a visit to stunning Shwedagon Pagoda – considered by many to be the oldest pagoda in the world. Explore some of the most important temples and watch the sunset over the plains of Bagan, one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites. 


Lonely Planets Guide to Burma

Accurate information on conflicts and closed areas can be difficult to come by. Check your government’s advice prior to travel, and ask about the situation once you are in Myanmar. Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree travel forum is a good source of news from travellers on the ground.


 Books written by Guest Robert Hodam

Robert book 1
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                                                                                          Robert Hodam began life on a subsistence farm in eastern Oklahoma and went on to be an energy consultant to the U.S. Congress, World Bank, United Nations, Standard Oil, Asian Development Bank and other international institutions. He has served as the CEO of several for profit companies as well as one non-profit International Center for Economic Growth a professional association of economic policy institutes in 108 countries.

His Non-fiction series “Living Dangerously” documents his experiences  of political assassinations, military coups, CIA involvement, United Nations subterfuge, encounters with headhunters, escape from Cuban guards, Caribbean smugglers, and survival by the author.

book 2 robert
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     The Ark is a story of an American president and corrupt White House imposing martial law under the ruse of a global epidemic quarantine that inadvertently becomes real when the Russians develop a GMO plague bacterium that falls into the hands of an environmental zealot who uses the president’s ruse to release this GMO. The result is annihilation of all but a handful of humans worldwide.

Robert is a graduate of Stanford University, MS Chemical Engineering; University of Southern California, MBA; and Oklahoma State, BS Engineering. He served as Captain US Army 1969-1972, worked as an oil field roustabout, bartender at Harrah’s club, fry cook at Disneyland and Aerospace engineer at Douglas Aircraft.



The Gypsy ~ Journey with Purpose


mirka 4
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In this Podcast of The Gypsy, Seve Cardosi interviews author & artist Mirka Knaster on her journeys around the world driven by purpose. We explore stories about her travels to discover and experience Holistic Healing practices for her book “Discovering the Body’s Wisdom” to finding inspiration for her textile art. Mirka stated that because she took her adventures with a specific purpose and objective it took her to places she would otherwise have never encountered.

mirka 5

Her stories bring you to the heart of Asia. India and Japan emphasizing the hidden and subtle beauty of the world. “I’m quite intent on repurposing or up-cycling—using fabric scraps someone else has let go of, collecting design samples that would otherwise be discarded in a landfill, picking up old kimonos and obis at Japanese flea markets. I’d like to see myself working exclusively with such items, but I fall in love with textiles everywhere I travel and wind up bringing them home. I find it difficult to resist the luscious textures, designs, and colors.”


If your interests include Art, Travel, Spirituality, Textiles, Eastern Philosophy, I recommend visiting Mirka Knaster website

Her Publications include:

Mirka book
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In an attractive, oversized format, enlivened with illustrations, sidebar quotes, personal accounts, techniques to try, and profiles of leaders in the field, Discovering the Body’s Wisdom is a basic resource for well-being and natural health.
Body disciplines and therapies have enjoyed phenomenal growth in the past decade, becoming a major alternative to mainstream medicine and traditional psychotherapy. But with more than 100,000 practitioners and dozens of methods available in the United States alone, how can consumers choose the right one for themselves?

mirka book 2
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Beginning in the 1960s, many young Western seekers in India met and studied with Buddhist meditation master Anagarika Munindra (1915 – 2003). At that time, they had no idea he would become a grandfather of the vipassana/mindfulness movement that spread from Asia to the West. Although an unassuming teacher who considered himself a “spiritual friend” rather than a guru, Munindra became a powerful messenger of Dharma for the last forty years of his life. Wanting to honor his life and legacy, Mirka Knaster wrote Living This Life Fully: Stories and Teachings of Munindra, in collaboration with Robert Pryor. She interviewed some 200 people around the world, including such prominent teachers and writers as Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, Daniel Goleman, and a host of others. In sharing this venerable teacher with all of us, they describe Munindra as a combination of authority, kindness, and depth, having“no props. He was not into any rituals and he went beyond any kind of structure. That meant you could practice anywhere. You didn’t have to be in front of an altar. You didn’t have to wear special clothes. . . Here was someone who said the most important thing was awareness, mindfulness.” Knaster gives us a portrait of this revered master who was a teacher’s teacher.

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The Gypsy ~ Places of Power

Marion Patterson in studioThe Gypsy interviews Marion Patterson who worked extensively with Ansel Adams, and has taught photography at several California colleges. She shares her experience about exploring some of Earths most powerful places, including Mt.Everest, Antartica, and Yosemite. Marion has had major solo exhibits of her work in the United States, Germany, The Netherlands, and Mexico. 28 mins

Marion Patterson Links

marion solo
Read about Marion’s Work
marion patterson
Check out Marion’s Book







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The Gypsy~The Nor Cal Coast

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This Episode of the Gypsy takes you into the redwoods and out on the majestic Northern California Coast with trek guide Margaret Lindgren .  Reconnect with nature, self and learn about the magic of this rugged terrain. Margret talks about her tour company The Unbeaten Path tour which offers several conscientious and knowledgeable journeys with the opportunity for great photos, wonderful conversation, insight and, priceless memories.

28 mins


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The Unbeaten Path Tours




Farallons Marine Sanctuary





The Gypsy ~ Exploring Nicaragua

Nicaragua seveThe Gypsy explores the once troubled region of Nicaragua. Musician and surfer Jameson Hodder takes us on his personal journey to uncover the hidden secrets of this tropical paradise: including endless waves, cloud forests, & exquisite landscapes.  The mixture of cultural traditions has generated substantial diversity, this diversity has resulted in unique cuisine, music, & lifestyle. A lot has changed since the signing of teleaccord in 1989.  Peace has returned to Nicaragua, and recently it has experienced an economic boom thus creating a perfect holiday destination for adventure seekers of all ages. .

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surf seve
Nicaragua Surf Report


Nicaragua Surf Report

We generally see the first of the Southern Hemisphere swells in early April.  Swells run consistently through November and we even get infrequent offseason swells from December – April.  Although we are not located in a position to get hit by hurricanes, we are effected by the tropical depressions and hurricanes that tend to form off our coasts during hurricane season.  September/October tend to be the most active around here so those two months can bring some unsettled weather (more often in October).  For this reason October rates are generally more affordable. Those who have rolled the dice and booked October have occasionally scored all around with cheaper accommodation rates and less crowds.

Nicaragua seve
Lonely Planets Guide


Lonely Planet

Affable Nicaragua embraces travelers with offerings of volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, sensational beaches and pristine forests that range from breathtaking to downright incredible.

If You Love Internationally Influenced Music Check  Out: 

Jam seve
Documentary short  Jaimo


Producer, singer­-songwriter, drummer and poet, Jameson Hodder, has released “Sound Waves”, his first solo album.

From an early age, Jameson started listening to the world—from catching a glimpse of the explosion of music and breakdancing on the streets of LA as a 7 ­year ­old while en route to Baja, to changing trains as a nine ­year ­old in Jamaica/Queens and realizing the over­ flowing of art and life in this world, and now traveling around the planet with his surfboard and cajón celebrating the creative spirit of true freedom.

Son of Jimmy Hodder, acclaimed original drummer for Steely Dan, Jameson began developing his musical foundation at an early age. Influenced by all­ night jam sessions in the family living ­room with the musical legends and exposed to multiple styles of music and creative communications, his music bridges the boundaries between impossible and the imaginable. He knows art is formless and exists in each unique moment, so he embraces the firm roots of his foundation while always yielding to the possibilities of the universe.

SoundWaves The Album

jamio seve
Soundwaves Released Oct 30th 2015

The album is finally out and getting positive feed back so far !! I want to Thank Ryan Newman (Groundation) an Chris Stoll for their time writing an recording on “Keep it blazin”, “Change” an “Music”! Respect to G. Davis for the production of the OG Kush rythem for “Highest High”! Thanx to Justin Miller for “Every Drop”!! Thank you to Mat Mcquaid for his production on “Overtime” with Chris Paxton an Chris Stoll!!! Big thank you to Joel Jaffe an Jason Victorine for the production of “This Moment (Amazing)” an “Forever Dream”. Thank you Ian Stinson for the work on “Sound Waves”! A Huge Thank You to Zack Darling for the ridiculously great album art work!!!

The Gypsy ~ The Inca Trail

mpThe Gypsy takes us on a magical quest across the Andes Mountains to the Ancient city of Machu Picchu. Author Mark Gross and his eloquent storytelling transports us to this sacred site as he shares his accounts of hardships and joys. Mark offers great insight on planning and preparation, as well as the deep spiritual benefits of such an intensive journey.

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Founded in Cusco as an adventure travel and trekking specialist in the Peruvian Andes, ENIGMA is recognized today among Peru’s most experienced and reputable travel service providers, from hardcore adventure to bespoke luxury, and is the preferred partner of some of the world’s leading travel professionals.


inca_trail_machu_picchu_10An independent guide to the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu aimed at helping visitors to decide whether the Inca Trail is the trek for them. Although there are literally thousands of kilometres of “Inca Trails” throughout Peru this website concentrates on the Classic 4-day Inca Trail trek.  We have include information about when is the best time to do the trek, how best to prepare for it, and advice on how to choose a tour operator best suited to your interests and budget. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu really is an beautiful trek and we hope that with a little advice and planning it turns out to be an incredible and unforgettable experience. Good luck and happy trekking!





The Gypsy ~ The Land of Ire

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The Gypsy takes you to Waterford, Ireland with architect Michael Barron-Wike. Michael ventured many times since the 70’s to Ireland in search of his ancestors and family. He shares with us his tips and tricks on locating ones roots in the old country. Then we are invited for a weekend stay meant for royalty as we explore Lismore Castle and how you too can have this luxe experience.

 28 mins

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Free Trial @
Free Trial @
Architect Michale Barron-Wike
Architect Michale Barron-Wike
Barron's Bakery In Ireland
Barron’s Bakery In Ireland
Family Gatherings @ Lismore Castle
Family Gatherings @ Lismore Castle